About me

Hi! My name is Lily Miller. I'm a  photographer based in Central Minnesota. I'm also a momma to a handsome boy and a beautiful girl with another baby boy on the way. They are my everything, but I always like to say I have 4 babies. My kids and my camera (maybe my husband too).
    I really want to capture those authentic moments in your life. The crazy, the messy, the time stopping moments. I always want my clients to be comfortable, have fun, and enjoy taking photos with me. When you book with me, you don't just get someone snapping photos in your face. You get a friend, a conversation, an experience. 
      When I'm not taking photos or editing. you can catch me watching my favorite TV shows with the love of my life, playing monsters with my best buds (my kiddos), or spending quality time with my mom.
      I would love to stop time with you and get to know how truly special you are. 
Let's get coffee sometime or shoot me an email and let's chat! 

About Me

My handsome husband and myself

My family